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Our manufacturing facility has been developed over 35 years to meet our customers exacting standards. It includes Double blow hot forging presses, CNC turning and milling lathes plus grinding and thread rolling machines. Heat treatment is performed on-site to guarantee total control of the highest standard from raw material to finished product and ensure full batch traceability. Parts can be manufactured in a variety of alloys as well as brass, aluminium, titanium and a range of other exotic materials.


With our range of 2 blow presses ( 45-120 tonf capacity ) we can hot forge diameters from 5mm to 36mm including imperial equivalents in a wide range of head shapes and recess forms with lengths up to 700 mm ( 28”). Close induction heating control along with the inherent prefential grain flow ensures maximum product quality and strength.

Click to view example of hot forging.


Our range of CNC horizontal, vertical and ‘sliding head’ lathes have the capacity to profile turn diameters from 2mm to 64mm (5/64” to 2 1/2”) .Their capability to hold close machining tolerances supplemented with our latest computer CAD/CAM planning and simulation programme ensures quality product using optimum manufacturing parameters.

Click to view example of CNC turning.


Close tolerance grinding capabilities ( including f8 & f9 shoulder diameters) are achieved on our centreless grinding machines with the additional advantage of maintaining accurate pre thread-rolling diameters.


Optimum strength thread profiles are achieved on our thread rolling machines with the capability to produce sizes from M3 to M36 ( including imperial equivalents).CNC single point threading up to M64 (2 1/2") is also available.


Our self contained heat treatment department can process a range of alloy and stainless steel grades including 8.8,10.9, 12.9, 14.9,L7, B7 or to our customers individual requirements.

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